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Powerline Technician

Program Description

This program is designed to provide students with the basic skills and knowledge required to successfully complete Block I of the Powerline Technician trade.

Powerline technicians construct, maintain and troubleshoot overhead and underground power systems. These workers install and maintain electrical distribution and transmission systems.  This involves erecting and maintaining poles and towers and connecting power distribution and transmission networks.  They inspect and test overhead and underground power lines and auxiliary equipment while adhering to strict safety practices and procedures because of the dangers associated with these voltages.

In this program, students will receive a combination of on-the-job training and related classroom training, designed to produce graduates who are qualified to continue working in the Powerline Technician trade.  During this phase of the apprenticeship, and under the direction of an employer and qualified instructors, the student will become fully familiar with the materials, tools, principles and skills required in the Powerline Technician occupation.

Application Deadline: November 1, 2010

Admission RequirementsPrerequisites

Persons seeking admission to this program will:

1. Have successfully completed a high school education or the equivalent. For example, applicants will possess:

  • a High School Diploma, or
  • an Adult High School Diploma, or
  • a GED Diploma of High School Equivalency; and
  • must have a class 5 driver’s license

Selection Criteria

Should the number of applications exceed the number of seats in the program, the following selection criteria will be followed:

Level of achievement in:

  • Grade 11 Mathematics
  • English 121, 122, 123 or Senior Academic Studies - English

2. Results of the Mechanical Reasoning Aptitude test

3. Related work experience and training

4. Successful completion of Height Anxiety test

5. Results of Medical/Physical Testing

DurationApril 4, 2011 to December 02, 2011. 

Fees and Requirements

Tuition: $13,320

Safety Gear: $2775

Textbooks (estimated): $230

Student Fees: $75

Total: $16,400